Swing Trades Webinar Recording 8-31-20

In today‚Äôs session we covered current market conditions as well as further pattern recognition study and several watch list stocks for the week. We discussed the markets lofty levels and about portfolio balancing and some hedge methods on specific holdings you can’t or don’t want to sell using protective puts. We talked about bond ETF’s Here are a few. AGG BND TLT (not that these are good buys right now but rather FYI)

Here are the settings the screens we have been using to look for these patterns. By using the reversal setting on Traderspro, then setting up these screen criteria, you will often find the kind of setups we have been discussing. I will usually turn the chart setting to candlesticks on the drop down of the charts for a better view of the chart patterns.

Confirmation Scan

Pattern Completion Scan (may not have any confirmation yet)

Adding stocks to your watchlist after you found them in a scan

Here is some information regarding the Reversal Strategy setting on TradersPro

For those that are new I have been using www.traderspro.com and www.tradingview.com for screen and charting tools. We use Tradingview for intraday charts as well as using the Long position drawing tool.


Trading Plan Reward to Risk example spreadsheet discussed.

Trading Plan Example

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