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About Us

Investiv Trading Group

The combined market experience of the Investiv Trading Group traders is 65+ years. And while we each approach trading and investing from a different perspective, both technically and fundamentally, we believe we have uncovered the “natural rhythm” of the markets which can be applied to both trend following momentum/growth) and trend reversal systems (value), as well as short term trading and long term investing.

We believe understanding this “natural rhythm” gives any trader an edge, regardless of their trading style or system. The focus of the Investiv Trading Group is to teach traders this “natural rhythm” which manifests as repetitive chart patterns that work time and time again.

Meet Your Professionals

Jerry McCann

Jerry McCann has traded stocks and options for over two decades.

He’s worked for several of the largest investment education firms in the country and was instrumental in developing their trading and investing curriculum. Curriculum that has been taught to thousands of brokers, hedge fund managers, institutional traders, and countless retail traders. 

At the beginning of his trading career, he had moderate success trading options, but never hit it out of the park. It wasn’t until years later when he discovered a short-term price pattern that often prints in the final 60 minutes of the trading day, that forever changed my options trading results.

He started combing this short-term pattern, with a disciplined approach of taking profits off the table at the end of every month, his ability to consistently generate positive results skyrocketed.

Jesse Webb

Jesse Webb graduated with a degree in finance and began his career managing money for high net worth individuals at one of the largest banks in the country.

After enjoying a successful career at the bank, Jesse turned his focus to helping individual traders and investors improve their performance in the market.

Jesse is Co-founder of Investiv, a private investment education company, and is responsible for developing the proprietary algorithms behind the TradersPro software, which has successfully been used by more than 50,000 traders worldwide.

Jesse is passionate about trend following and momentum based trading strategies, and is constantly fine tuning and building upon his prior success in both trading and business.

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore started his career in the 90’s with one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world and was consistently in the top 10% nationally for new money under management.

After the dotcom bust, he shifted his focus to trading stocks and options. Over the next decade he worked for the largest investment education company in the world, which would later be acquired by one of the largest US based online brokers.

He was instrumental in developing their highly sought after curriculum where individuals would pay as much as $20,000 to learn to become an expert trader. He’s personally taught more than a thousand students throughout the United States and Canada

Throughout his tenure as a trading coach, he’s developed various systems for trading both stocks and options and created more than a dozen different educational courses on every aspect of trading and investing. He’s also authored or co-authored half a dozen books published on similar topics.

Shane Rawlings

Shane Rawlings bought his first stock when he was only 21 years old. Shortly after, he began trading options and ran a $2,000 account into just under $30,000 in six months, and then lost it all.

Seeing money compound and evaporate so quickly sent Shane on a lifelong quest to become a student of the financial markets.

He is Co-founder of Investiv, a private investment education company that specializes in teaching stock and options trading strategies as well as technical and fundamental analysis.

Over the past 20 years, the Investiv curriculum is responsible for helping over 150,000 individual traders and investors gain an edge in the market.